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Acromax Media GmbH

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Germany, Hamburg, 20354



Acromax Media GmbH is a German company based in Hamburg. It is more than a multichannel network since it distributes content on all digital platforms based on the exclusive rights of the content that manages as well as it offers promotion, content protection, brand protection and rights clearing to Its clients. Acromax Medias has approx. 2,000 partners mainly from Europe generating an audience of approx. 12 million unique users every month.

Products and Services

Distribution and cross promotion

Acromax Media distributes content mainly music and TV show productions on many digital platforms (the platforms are listed on the web page) and as a key factor of success we would mention promotion. Acromax Media invests in promoting the content through marketing campaigns but also through cross promoting it on the current audience it generates throughout the network.

Brand and Content protection

Distributing successful content requires a special attention because the more successful the content is, the bigger the tendency to pirate it. Antipiracy is one of our strongest points, we have invested high budgets in litigation against piracy as well as have trained teams in taking, manually, the right antipiracy actions on daily basis.

Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Content ID Management
Talent Representation
Music Distributor

Target Customers

  • Video creators
  • Music creators (artists)
  • Media companies
  • Music labels
  • Music publishers
  • Brands

Languages Supported

English for United Kingdom


  • Alban Skenderaj
  • Emracom etc.
  • Noizy
  • ArkivaShqip
  • Sinan Hoxha
  • Top Channel
  • Tring
  • DigitAlb


Aldor Nini
Aldor Nini
Aldor Nini - Currently the CEO of two companies Acromax Media GmbH operating in the digital distribution market and Acromax Technology GmbH offering software development and It services. He has an engineering background in software development and high level abilities in management.
Anxhela Faber
Anxhela Faber
Operations and Key account manager
Anxhela Faber - Currently the Operations and key account manager of Acromax Media GmbH. She is graduated in finance and accounting and highly qualified in management as well as digital asset management.