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Big Frame is the only full service talent management and influencer marketing company of its kind. Widely recognized as the premier representation company for digital-first creators, Big Frame advises its clients in all aspects of media and entertainment; from content licensing, film and consumer products to endorsements and content integrations with the visionary brands that partner with them.

Products and Services


Big Frame is a 360 full service management company.


Big Frame has a sales department that sources branded and sponsorship opportunities

Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Talent Representation

Target Customers

  • Video creators

Languages Supported

English for United Kingdom

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United States


  • Tyler Oakley
  • Connor Franta
  • JC Cayleyn
  • Kian Lawley
  • Amanda Steele
  • Ingrid Nilsen
  • Aspyn Ovard
  • Meg DeAngelis
  • Lauren Elizabeth
  • Arden Rose
  • Mikey Bolts
  • etc.


Steve Raymond
Steve Raymond
Steve Raymond is CEO and co-founder of Big Frame who has been running online media businesses for over 15 years, with four successful startup exits. He has repeatedly gone to the cutting edge of technology and cultural trends and built real powerhouse companies in search/content indexing, streaming music, connected devices, social media platforms, and now short-form digital video. Steve has an engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from UCLA.
Chris Erwin
Chris Erwin
Chris Erwin is COO and a modern media executive, navigating Big Frame from an independent startup just a few years ago to a talent and marketing company powerhouse. In addition to overseeing all operations and finances, Chris has helped build the team of talent managers into the most premier representatives of talent clients in the world, having helped structure many of the team’s most impactful partnerships.