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Bquate is a SaaS platform that monetizes and protects music and video assets. Our platform is built with our customers' needs in mind. We know what matters most to scale. We built the tech to make it possible. You can set roles and permissions for your team, pre-determine payment splits and commissions, and most importantly, you can access trends and analytics about your asset's performance to forecast, strategize and grow business with ease and success. Bquate is a key to unlock opportunity and take your business to new heights.

Products and Services

Bquate Rights Management - CID

Content ID (CID) is a digital tool, that helps protect your content against copyright infringement by creating a unique "fingerprint" used to alert you if your intellectual property is copied and uploaded elsewhere on YouTube.

Social Video Growth

Bquate will help you to Increase monetization, improve presence, grow audience, enhance brand recognition, upgrade Channel look and feel, and boost discovery. As a YouTube premium partner, we learn about new tools and initiatives before they’re made public. If your channel is within our Network, you’ll benefit from our knowledge and expertise! You make the content, we make it visible.

Music Delivery System

Bquate has created BQ Pro, a premium tech platform to deliver content with high-tech standards to over 30 streaming stores in over 200 countries, maintaining 100% data ownership. Catalog onboard can be made in bulk or single uploads easily and seamlessly. Our platform lets you improve your business decisions through data and set up revenue and earnings splits.

Collection Society Admin
Content ID Management
Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Music Distributor
Music Publishing Admin
Preferred Music Distributor
Talent Representation

Target Customers

  • Brands
  • Media companies
  • Music creators (artists)
  • Music distributors
  • Music labels
  • Video creators

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Yoly G. Avalos
Yoly G. Avalos
CEO & Co- Founder
Yoly Avalos is a serial entrepreneur, creative, and strategist with vast experience in business expansion and development. As the Co-founder of Bquate, she has secured global partnerships with leading digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Google, and Facebook, among others, and; has ideated and led the creation of integral technology solutions that power music and media companies to scale their businesses, expand their scope of services and increase their revenue streams seamlessly and, without depending on anyone. She is passionate about personal growth, entrepreneurship, human potential, and, supporting the advancement of women across all industries.

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