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The community for animation and entertainment professionals who create, cooperate and maximize their content and presence on the Internet.

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Audience Development

We help creators grow through direct contact and support from our Community Managers, network wide collaborations, featuring animations on Channel Frederator’s “Saturday Morning Cartoons” and Cartoon Hangover’s “CH Loves”, monthly livestreams with animation industry professionals, best practices hangouts and channel reviews.

Member Intensive Program

Network members have access to our Member Intensive Program where they work 1 on 1 with our programming team over 6 weeks to formally create a unified strategy for their YouTube channel and brand.

Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Talent Representation

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  • Shout! Factory
  • Warner Bros.
  • HLN/DailyShare
  • 92Y
  • OJTJ
  • Storyful/Newscorp
  • Diagonal View
  • Made In Network
  • Real Salt Life
  • Tomo News
  • Simon's Cat


Fred Seibert
Fred Seibert
Founder and CEO of Frederator Networks. Founded Next New Networks in 2006; acquired by YouTube in 2011. Formed Frederator Networks to continue the work started at Next New Networks, helping to creating the future of television. Launched Cartoon Hangover and started distributing independently owned animation channels on Channel Frederator Network.
Matt Gielen
Matt Gielen
Director of Programming & Audience Development
Graduated Columbia University in 2007. Independent feature producer. Responsible for overseeing the team of programmers who are building one of the fastest growing “Originals” channels on YouTube: Cartoon Hangover. A significant part of Cartoon Hangover’s success has come from the work the team has done utilizing Adwords’ TrueView ad platform, delivering millions of viewers and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.