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Technological innovation has revolutionized the way people engage with music. Artists can realize their compositions, distribute and promote their music using handheld devices and fans can connect instantly with the artists and their music using online platforms. In the face of a dynamically changing landscape, NexTone aims to establish itself as Japan’s premier music copyright agency & Digital Distributor of the digital era.

Products and Services

Music Distribution & Content ID management

We are one of the leading digital music distributor in Japan. As of 2003, we’ve offered digital aggregation of music content, and currently service over 800 companies administering over 800,000 songs.

Publishing & Rights Administration

NexTone was established in 2000 upon the enforcement of the Japanese copyright management law and re-established in 2016 as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc. As of March 2020, we are a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.

Collection Society Admin
Content ID Management
Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Music Distributor
Music Publishing Admin
Preferred Music Distributor

Target Customers

  • Music creators (artists)
  • Music labels
  • Music publishers

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Digital Marketing Div.
Digital Marketing Div.
At NexTone, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional copyright management by offering a wide array of services and tools for both rights holders and end users, a key attribute that embodies NexTone’s overarching philosophy: “Chosen by rights holders, trusted by users.”