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Screenwave Media is a technology driven company that brings together talented content creators and gives them the tools to succeed on multiple publishing platforms.

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Screenwave Media MCN

Join over 300 channels with over 5 billion total views. All services are opt in and at your complete discretion. * Seek relationships with advertisers to increase revenue on your channel. * Commitment to clear, one on one, communication with and prompt responses to channel owners * Develop and provide software tools to promote and optimize your channel * Seek relationships with media publishers to get review copies, media, and use clearances * Function as your YouTube advocate by coordinating directly with Google to address your questions and concerns. * Provide access to our extensive audio library to augment your productions and avoid copyright issues * Develop a strong relationship with conventions and convention organizers to promote channels in person * Cross-promote your channel through our shows, social media, and programmatic platforms * Foster collaboration within our network and mutual-support * Provide production tips, resources, and support * Simple Partnership Terms * Concise, short term contracts * Reasonable revenue sharing agreement with no maximums * Growing Revenue Share as channel grows * Network Referral Program * Prompt payment of earnings every 30 days

Talent Representation
Music Distributor

Target Customers

  • Video creators
  • Media companies
  • Brands
  • Music labels

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English for United Kingdom

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United States
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  • Cinemassacre
  • Newgrounds
  • Team Four Star
  • The Living Tombstone
  • Slamacow
  • Oney
  • Normalboots
  • Super Best Friends Play
  • Brentalfloss