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Special Effects Media

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Special Effects Media is a digital first, new generation, YouTube Certified media company, focusing on growing audiences on YouTube and provide advertisers with brand safe content marketing opportunities. Special Effects Media has two (separate) businesses, in Budapest, Hungary and Cape Town, South Africa.

Products and Services

YouTube Specialist Services

Some brands are looking to build a community on YouTube while others just want to capitalise on the power of the search engine to assist customers in their journey. Regardless of what you are looking for our team are on standby to assist with strategy, upload and optimisation, copyright management, thumbnails and SEO, distribution or paid ads

Video Production

We are a full service, turn-key video production team based in Cape Town and with a presence across South Africa. We produce video, live streams and webinars of varying sizes with a specialization in online video. However we produce TVC and Corporate video too.

Creator Network

If raising a child requires a tribe, so does growing a YouTube channel! At SEM SA we work with a select group of YouTubers to assist with channel optimisation, channel strategy, brand strategy, SEO and copyright management, production support, brand deal support and we surround the creators with all the tools they need to thrive in the creator economy.

Influencer marketing

Trust is a rare commodity. Influencer marketing can assist you build trust with customers. Reach out to our team to assist you in strategising campaigns, searching for the right influencers, managing negotiations, managing contracts, tracking content, benchmarking and reporting

Content ID Management
Livestream Support
Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Talent Representation

Target Customers

  • Advertising agency
  • Brands
  • Media companies
  • Video creators

Languages Supported

English for United Kingdom

Service Locations

South Africa


  • Canon, Sea Harvest, Proudly South African, HBO


Gergo Szabo
Gergo Szabo
Gergo is a digital media and online video expert with broad international experience within EMEA and CEE. Before founding Special Effects Media Gergo spent over 11 years at premier entertainment & content providers including HBO, The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Danilo Aquisto
Danilo Aquisto
CEO - South Africa
Danilo is an entrepreneur, television and radio presenter, producer and the founder and CEO of Special Effects Media South Africa.