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WatanNetwork is a Global YouTube solutions provider, we help content owners to optimize, monetize and protect their copyrighted material on YouTube we build a complete business strategy to help increase engagement and consumption of their copyrighted content and channels on YouTube. WatanNetwork has built a premium network that brings together a large and diverse collection of movies, TV shows, music and entertainment. As part of this, we will maximize the number of views for your channel and content. We are fully focused on helping content owners increase their income across YouTube.

Products and Services

Full Service Rights Management

We work with premium content owners to manage their content on YouTube and protect their intellectual property, using the Content Management tools and WatanNetwork’s technology, to track, monetize or take-down videos based on the content partner’s preference, we always provide sponsorship in order to provide our partners with the best revenue stream. Our Services include but not limited to the following: Content Management Content Claiming/Copyright Content Upload Channel Management Sponsorship for the Channel

Network Management Tools

Our advanced software technologies help MCNs owners and media companies to easily manage and monitor their business. Our state of the art Dashboard will provide digital enterprise resource planning (ERP), easy steps contract processing, partner support, and financial management. The dashboard provides content creators with the tools to check their analytics, access financial reporting, and communicate with support. With four different level of management: Admin/Manager Dashboard Partner Dashboard Hub/Sub network Dashboard

Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers
Content ID Management
Talent Representation
Music Distributor

Target Customers

  • Video creators
  • Media companies
  • Brands

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Service Locations

United Arab Emirates
United States


  • Shoof Channels
  • Bana for Art Production And Distribution
  • Clacket Media Productions
  • Online Production
  • Kaband Art Production
  • Golden Line for TV Production
  • Aj Co. for Art Production and Distribution
  • Gardenia for Art Production and Distribution
  • Sama Art International
  • Sharika TV


Mohamad Khair
Mohamad Khair
Founder / CEO
Mohamad is an entrepreneur at heart and successful businessman. He started very successful businesses in different industries. As a result of years of working in content management, Mohamad started WatanNetwork with the goal of helping next-generation media companies, TV channels and content owners to easily manage and scale their businesses online. WatanNetwork operates worldwide and provides excellent enterprise solutions for production companies, TV channels and MCNs.